As Founder and Owner of Resources Unlimited Group and BestPath Foundation, Jim Davis brings over 35 years of proven leadership experience in Life Purpose Coaching, Career Counseling, business leadership development, and Pro-Life activism. He is strongly supported educationally having earned a Master’s degree in 1979 and dual Bachelor’s degrees in 1975 (all Summa Cum Laude). Furthermore, Jim participated in an intensive, yearlong executive management and development program (as one of 60 selected from a pool of 45,000), which was sponsored by the Veterans Administration in 1987. There, Jim earned an unprecedented 10 promotions during the course of 12 years with the V.A., which was capped by serving as the Acting Director of the Los Angeles, California regional office in 1988, which was the largest in the V.A. with almost 600 staff involved, which delivered 8% of all veterans’ services nationwide.

Jim has successfully developed, owned, and managed numerous businesses, including his own consultation firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, when the Lord sovereignly and abruptly ended it in 1989, whereby Jim returned to his home place in Ohio (after 21 years as a prodigal son), but could not find a job for over two years although diligently searching! As a direct result, he became a Career Advisor with a career counseling firm in Columbus in 1990, where he received the national “Extra Mile” award in 1992, two regional “Outstanding Performance” awards in 1993, and was honored as the “International Career Advisor of the Year” for both 1994 and 1995 (amongst 200 peers), which was based upon his exceptional performance and client satisfaction rankings. Moreover, he was further blessed in 1995 by being promoted to Corporate Director for Training and Career Services, where he created, implemented, and managed the pilot “100% Quality Satisfaction” program for 10 offices across 5 states nationwide. This program successfully provided comprehensive career services, including focusing on clients’ purpose and providing them with counseling support and spiritual guidance for over 1,500 job seekers annually!

Jim has also exhibited strong personal commitment as a 4-year Veteran of the U.S. Air Force (in the area of inter-continental ballistic missiles). Additionally, Jim has served as a private Pilot, licensed, residential Real Estate Appraiser in Ohio, Master Tract Appraiser (subdivision appraiser) in Nevada, work and witness Missions Coordinator and participant (212 missions trips since 1996), men’s accountability group leader (since 1992), 35+ gallon Red Cross blood donor (since 1965), adult Sunday School Teacher, youth group leader, Upward Referee (since 2007), church head Trustee, President and Chaplain of the Westfall Alumni Association, which is his high school alumni association, and is composed of approximately 5,500 members, inner-city ministry Tutor, Life Counselor and Deacon for the Refuge Ministry for seven years, member of the Mission Columbus and Christian Counselors Network, monthly contributing writer for Purpose magazine, emergency spiritual care team faith counselor, member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (since 2001), course graduate from the Center for Biblical Counseling (2002), and Pro-Life Truth Truck Driver since 2004 (42 states and 5 Canadian provinces with 32 specific Pro-Life ministries). Furthermore, Jim has also authored the definitive work on work, Being About My Father’s Business (2007), a Pro-Life DVD, the Word For Life (2014), and created the “chess game of cards,” Masters of Intrigue (2016). Jim is very actively involved in the Church of Jesus Christ, is married to his wife Mabel (with her since 1968), has four sons, 11 grandchildren, and four greatgrandchildren, and resides at his home in Ohio, the beautifully wild and 38-acre Shiloh Place, the family farm (family owned and operated since 1946).

Jim founded Resources Unlimited Group in 1996, at that time entitled Community Career Resource Group, and additionally, the BestPath Foundation in 2005 (renewed in 2018 as an online vehicle for God’s Truth). All of this and more is a direct result of a personal calling he received from God for this type of service, which this has had its strong foundation provided by all of his previous experiences, education, and God’s equipping of him. Jim has been completely captured by the love of Jesus Christ, and is compelled to positively impact people’s lives with God’s Truth, so that they come out of their bondage to their work, aggressively focus on their life purposes, walk out those purposes (their callings), and are truly free to worship God the Father in Spirit and Truth. Praise the LORD only through whom all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). Indeed! Amen!

Life purpose statement:

My life purpose is to glorify our Heavenly Father by completing the work that He has given me to do through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus the Christ, who is the center of my working to worship God the Father through my life – becoming perfected into Christlikeness and bearing much fruit as a loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, righteous, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled servant of Jesus our Lord and Savior (Galatians 5:22-23). I consider myself blessed to be poor in spirit, meek, hungry, and thirsty for righteousness, am merciful, pure in heart, and a peacemaker who is often reviled by the world, wrongly accused, and persecuted for Christ’s namesake. I am the salt of the earth and a pillar of light for the desperate, and people know that I am one of the King’s kids, because I live out Christ’s love for His body.

As I have been called by God the Father and Jesus the Christ, and am empowered by the Holy Spirit, I am a Christian Life Purpose Coach. It is my life purpose to make disciples for Christ by communicating the vision that I was given by God, helping others to discover God’s purpose for their lives, and providing them with wise counsel, all of which being for the purpose of empowering marketplace missionaries everywhere to rejoice in freedom from their worldly bondage by embracing Christ, boldly pursuing His calling on their lives, walking out their life purposes, and truly enjoying their life’s work. Because the Spirit of the Lord is upon me and He has anointed me, I will preach the Gospel to all others, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, and set free those who are oppressed. It is my life’s passion to help God’s children who are in bondage to their work, who labor for that which perishes, and are not truly worshipping God in and through their work and ministries. Accordingly, it is my life purpose to facilitate their “moving from work to worship” by helping them to discover their calling, identify, and walk out their life purposes!

I will walk out my life purpose in the full authority of the God the Father, as a son of God and joint-heir with Jesus Christ, and also as a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, uncle, friend, teacher, mentor, servant, and leader. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13), because with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). I will walk out my perfected purpose on this earth and throughout all of eternity. I will love the body of Christ (His bride) by meeting with it regularly, supporting others, serving others, giving, guiding, teaching, being taught, and helping others to grow to the fullness of the stature of Christ. Because I am continually blessed with the Father’s love, I will not worry, argue, or complain, but instead, I will rejoice in my sufferings through my hope in the resurrected power and blood of Christ Jesus, and I will preach the Gospel continuously, as I am what I am only by the grace of God and that alone.

“To Him be the (glory and the) power, forever and ever, Amen!” (1 Peter 5:11)