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To: God’s children who are in bondage to their work, but who desire freedom!

Are you exhausted from giving too much of your time (average 100,000 hours in a lifetime of work) and talents (the things you are truly passionate about doing) for too little treasure (slave wages) at work that others have decided that you should do (just a job)? Then why not change your life right now by “Focusing on Purpose” so that your next assignment fulfills the unique purpose you were created for with passion and at your maximum value in the marketplace! Do work that truly matters to you and to God as you manage your own life path choices. Learn how walking out your dream is not only possible, but profitable! We’re here to help get you there!

In order to get a sense of what we’re about here, please check out the
BPF career seminars highlights clip! (about 5 and a half minutes)

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If you need help finding a new job assignment, are interested in discovering your life purpose, landing or even possibly creating your dream job assignment, and improving your career significance, productivity, and profitability, then the
“O-P-E-N-S” program of the BPF Life Purpose Development Series begins through these following five doors!

Module 1 – “O” – Outstanding Orientation:

This Outstanding Orientation has been specifically designed to give you (the job seeker) an upper-hand in your job search and career pursuits; this critical life-changing program will give you a clear jump-start on successfully discovering and walking-out your true life purpose. You will be taught many truths about the job marketplace, God’s Truths (freedom), as well as the lies that have been keeping you in bondage, concerning your career and previous job searches, and how to successfully navigate through this maze of chaos and confusion. Just learning how the complex marketplace really operates will benefit you tremendously regardless of whether you choose to open these subsequent doors or not. Furthermore, we will hear what God has to say about our work and answer the question, “Why are we even working?” Good question! After watching these two career seminar videos, you should be very intrigued, and you will want to continue seeing what else we have to offer you – a lot!

Module 2 – “P” – Focus on Purpose process:

This Focus on Purpose process (product and purpose) is an interactive and highly personalized self-examination process that is totally centered on and around you and what you were created to do – your true life purpose. Through many interactive examinations of your own personal wiring, you will discover, define, and defend your own "product definition," and you will learn what unique assignments you are the most passionate about and effective doing for your people group – the people who need you the most. At its completion, this process will yield for you your best fit, in the shortest amount of time, and at your maximum value in the marketplace – this is your own “Focus on Purpose.” Moreover, you will create and this website will generate for you your own professional and personal advertisement, resume, and references list of your own personal sales team for your following job assignment search and as long as you continue to say “Yes” to God.

Module 3 – “E” – Expanding Environment:

In this Expanding Environment (marketing) module, we will educate, equip, empower, and engage you to go out into the marketplace with the knowledge and confidence to boldly connect with anyone that God has planned for you to contact, professionally and personally present your product to (detailing your own value to solve their problems), and finally, how to best close the deal. We all are only four relationships away from anyone on earth, and many of our clients experience the joy of having a position created around their own unique product offering. You will learn how to best market your product, be ready for God’s next assignment in your life, and if you follow the training we offer here, you always will be!

Module 4 – “N” – Network, Negotiation, and Niche:

In this module, you will learn how to best maintain the network that you have already established in Module 3, which if maintained properly, can continue to support and assist you, and how to keep it alive and active throughout your career and life walk, how to best negotiate job offers, and to use timing and leverage to obtain your own maximum value (for all job offers that you receive moving forward, and if you’ve followed the training we offer here, there will be many), and that there is a unique niche that God has planned for you that is in accordance with His wiring of you, His will, His calling for your life, His purpose for your life, and His ways, all be it for His glory. It is very exciting to watch Him work in our lives, for He is always working, He always loves us, we can do nothing without Him, and it is all very good (because He has already said so)!

Module 5 – “S” – Spiritual Support:

This Spiritual Support module has many support tools that will guide and encourage you throughout this difficult journey of your job search, discovering your life purpose, and landing your own dream assignment at the best fit, in the shortest amount of time, and at your maximum value. Hopefully, at your completion of this program, we will have helped you to join us in “moving from work to worship,” because your own flesh, the constant tension of the world’s values, and the schemes of the devil will always try to kill your spirit, steal your joy, and destroy your relationships. But take heart brothers and sisters! You are more than just a conqueror, and none of these can harm you if you stay covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Savior, Creator, Deliverer, Provider, and the Author and Finisher of our faith (and your own journey). Let’s open these doors together and see what’s behind them – us helping you to discover your own personal wiring, find your dream assignment, and walk out your life purpose. Remember: God loves you and will always help you throughout this journey if you ask Him to.

The basic doctrines of BestPath Foundation:

1. God’s children never work to earn a living, but must be totally dependent on the person and loving provision of the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Our primary work assignment here on earth is to become and make disciples for Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

3. The Lord has planned in exact detail the many steps along our BestPaths, and will reveal them to us in accordance with His perfect will, in His perfect way, and in His perfect time.

4. The Lord designed and wired us precisely for His purpose before we were born.

5. Everything about us was created for His glory – He demands the glory for our lives.

6. Jesus wants all His special called and chosen children to move from carnal work to whole-life worship and be about his/her Father’s business.

7. In the finished work of Jesus Christ, we can live, move, and have our being; Jesus is sufficient!

In Christ’s love and ours,

Jim Davis, Owner
Resources Unlimited Group
BestPath Foundation

If you are new to BestPath Foundation, please complete the following assessments so that we can better understand your needs and your ability to meet your own needs:

Preliminary Needs Assessment

Career Marketability Assessment

Be sure to check out BestPath's Resource Tools, which outlines in full detail the six modules involved in the
BPF Life Purpose Development Series, by clicking on the link below.

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But don't just take our word for it, visit the BPF Testimonials page to hear what our clients are saying about this program.

Also, learn more about Jim Davis, our Founder and servant leader, creator of the BPF Life Purpose Development Series on the About the Author page.

Personal Life Purpose Coach – 56 of the most common clients’ questions, which are answered by our resources:

To discover the next step on your BestPath to fulfill God’s purpose for your life and work, you might benefit from our resources, which answer the following questions:

  1. How does a believer of Christ move from work to worship?

  2. How does the mysterious job marketplace really operate?

  3. What does the Bible say about why we are really working?

  4. I need a better job, but I don’t know where to start?

  5. Are my life priorities in proper order according to the Bible?

  6. Does God have a covenant of work?

  7. How do I respond to want ads?

  8. Should I use head hunters and employment agencies for my job search?

  9. Are job fairs worth the time invested to prepare and attend?

  10. How can I always be prepared to answer the most common opening question of all job interviews?

  11. How can I conduct research on the job marketplace and companies?

  12. How can I successfully penetrate the unknown job market?

  13. How can I successfully approach job decision makers with letters and phone calls?

  14. How can I conduct productive informational resource interviews?

  15. What is the best way to utilize my personal and professional references?

  16. How can I stay in touch with networking contacts and make sure they remember me?

  17. I’ve had the first interview, what do I do now?

  18. How can I be prepared to answer all job interview questions that are asked in job interviews?

  19. How do I open and close job interviews with maximum control and success?

  20. Can I really create my own position in the unknown market? How do I do that?

  21. I’ve received a job offer, what do I do now?

  22. How can I avoid giving my salary history and expectations?

  23. Job interview questions are so hard and tricky, how can I be prepared to answer these successfully?

  24. When I receive job offers, how can I evaluate these to ensure that the fit is right for me?

  25. Should I go to job interviews with a personal negotiation checklist prepared?

  26. If I receive a job offer that is not right for me, how can I successfully counteroffer it and not lose the job?

  27. What do I do about non-compete agreements, should I sign them and hope for the best?

  28. Now that I am starting a new job assignment, what should I be doing right away?

  29. What do I do with the networking contacts that I have built now that I have started a new position?

  30. How can I be best prepared for my performance reviews such that I receive regular and maximum raises?

  31. Should I always be available and in the market for a new job assignment? Is this disloyal?

  32. I want to resign my current job assignment, how can I do that in everyone’s best interest?

  33. I am going to retire soon, will this be the end of my working life?

  34. The company I work at is being sold in 6 months, what should I be doing in the meantime?

  35. I was just told I am being laid-off from my position, what should I do now?

  36. How can I discover my calling and life purpose?

  37. How can I develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and make sure that I am going to heaven?

  38. What does it look like to be a disciple (follower) of Jesus Christ?

  39. How can I learn more about God’s calling for my life?

  40. There are so many distractions in life, how can I make sure that I stay on the right path according to God’s will?

  41. How can I grow in Christlikeness?

  42. Is it important to God that I have accountability in my life?

  43. How important is integrity to my life and work?

  44. Where does creativity fit into God’s plan for me?

  45. Are spiritual gifts important? How can I learn more about these?

  46. Does my work really matter to God?

  47. How can I truly experience God in my work and life?

  48. How do I determine God’s will for my life?

  49. How can I build a personal vision statement?

  50. How can I build a personal mission statement?

  51. How can I establish healthy boundaries in my career and life?

  52. What does success look like to God?

  53. What does prosperity look like to God?

  54. How can I use the things that I have discovered about myself for service in my church?

  55. I truly want to be about my Father’s business, how can I learn how to do so?

  56. How can I know if I am in bondage to my work and how can I be made free to worship God through my work?

On another note, if you are interested in learning more about this market, please click on the link below.

Please click on the link below to download this document to your computer. It will be downloaded to the Downloads folder on your computer (unless you have changed your web browser's default settings). If asked whether to open or save, please choose save. Then please open and read this document.

RUG competitive matrix.pdf

Now, check out the BPF marketplace minutes!

The 5 ways to find a job.mp3 (1 minute)

Keeping faith.mp3 (1 minute)

Why people hire other people.mp3 (1 minute)

Where is the unknown market.mp3 (about 1 minute)

The need for accountability.mp3 (about 1 minute)

Want ads.mp3 (1 minute)

The need for integrity.mp3 (1 minute)

Third party brokers.mp3 (1 minute)

The need for creativity.mp3 (1 minute)

Job fairs.mp3 (1 minute)

The direct approach.mp3 (about 1 minute)

Freedom of expression in the workplace.mp3 (about 1 minute)

While your at it, check out this song - "Get a job" by the Silhouettes.mp3 (about 3 minutes)

The job seeker's lament:

This poem was written by Jim Davis describing his personal experience of fruitlessly looking for a job for two years.

I need a new job, and I wish I knew how to find one real quick, ‘cause I need it right now!
The reason it’s urgent is I haven’t saved much, and I work such long hours, I’ve really lost touch.

I went to my neighbor and asked if she knew where there was a job that she thought I could do.
She acted polite while she tried not to wince; I think she meant well, but we’ve not spoken since.

So much for networking – what’s that all about? I sure plan to do it when I figure it out!
I checked the want ads; so many to read, but nothing I saw really helped with my need.

They all asked for my salary and what I now make. It seems they all pay just the least I will take.
A place in my gut says any number they see, will be used by some screener to eliminate me.

I sent some responses expecting a chance. The cold shoulder I got was the same song and dance.
The one that did call said that I would do well if I just bought their stuff and started to sell.

So I went on the Net to a job site called “hot,”
ran into a “Monster,” now my hard drive is shot!

I tried a big job fair, just testing the wiring – seems all like to talk, but no one is hiring.
The hotel was fancy and so was the booth, but I think their responses were far from the truth.

They said they would maintain my papers on file, but I think that one’s round and out in the aisle.
Next, I called a recruiter from out of the book – the place sounds legit, but I think he’s a crook.

He wanted to know all my marketable skills. I told him if I knew, I’d be paying my bills!
He demanded my salary and a sizeable fee, then said he was busy and couldn’t work with me.

I found a directory in the library downtown – companies and officers – there was much to be found.
I was tired of the screeners, and those who don’t care, and wanted a direct route to get me in there.

I wrote down the info (though it seemed rather old) – I was now taking charge and I planned to be bold!
I picked out the place where I wanted to work, and the person in charge (hope he isn’t a jerk)!

My new attack move was to write up a letter, address it to him, and tell him he'd better,
not miss his big chance to land him a star, and he need not contact or even bother HR.

I tuned the old resume; it had been quite a while, listed all of my jobs, that’ll sure make ‘em smile!
Though I had not a clue as I put in the call, it seemed that some fool had constructed a wall.

Will somebody tell me how you can succeed, when they won’t let me tell them that I’m who they need?
I’ve tried every way that is sure known to man – I’ve spent time and money, but I don’t have a plan.

I think I now know why some people don’t care. They give up the search and go on welfare.
I’m gonna keep trying, though I can’t say how long. It surely would help if I knew right from wrong.

Won’t somebody help me? It’s such a huge task – each straw that I reach for slips out of my grasp.
I know I’m a sinner, but Christ’s gift is free, and I believe there’s a plan He’s designed just for me.

Lord Jesus, please help me to seek only You, and Your will for my life, and a calling that’s true.
If I follow Your lead and trust only Thee, the assignment You’ve created will be perfect for me.

So I’ll stop with the worry, the doubt, and the fears. Forgive and forget all the past wasted years.
Go boldly from this point to a life that’s brand new, ‘cause I work for the Master, and Lord Jesus that’s You!

Finally, at your successful completion of this program, you will be offered an opportunity to setup your own profit center, as a RUG Authorized Personal Counselor (APC), for if you are interested in helping others to go through this program as well, and helping them to become perfected in their Christlikeness, which will give you an opportunity to both help others as well as profit yourself.

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